Guidance College offers various types of programs to meet the needs of the community at large.

Our Non-Degree programs are divided into 4 main categories:

Non-Degree Program

The Non-Degree Program gives students the opportunity to take Guidance College’s courses for credit without matriculating as an Guidance College undergraduate student. Usually non-degree students use this program to complete a bachelor’s degree at another university or to qualify for admission to graduate or professional schools.


This program offers a unique opportunity in the traditional way used by eminent Muslim scholars. This method is highly interactive and focuses on mastery, utilizing questions and answers, debate, and applied knowledge. The Ijazah is awarded based on successful completion of the program requirements. The Ijazah Program or “certification” in English, has two tracks: Quran Memorization and Traditional Teachings.

Community Education

This program offers academic seminars and workshops for the community at large to be educated from an Islamic perspective regarding various issues. This is an effort to educate the local American community, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Guest Student (Listener)

Guest students informally attend Guidance College courses and seminars for personal benefit (no credit). They can attend any course at any time without having to meet the course per-requisite requirements or course work obligations (homework, exams, etc.).