Course Description:

The analysis of the different groups and their fundamental differences that exist under the umbrella of Islam. An analytical and historical approach is taken discussing various groups such as the Rebels (Khawarij) the Supporters (Shiaa’h), and different sects of Sufis.

Course Code: AQE303

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: AQE202

Course Objective:

The students will be able to understand the origin and differences of various sects in Islam. As result of that they will understand Islam better and will not be a victim / target of any extremist point of view. Getting introduced to Jewish and Christian tradition and faiths will help them understand how they can live with better understanding with the followers of other religions and at the same as a practicing and proud Muslims.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Muslim Sects:
  • Muslim Sects:
  1. Sunnis
  2. Kharijites
  3. Ash’arites
  4. Maturidia
  5. Murjiites
  6. Mutazilite
  7. Shiates
  8. Twelvers
  9. Ishmaelites
  • Study of world Religions: Islamic Perspective
  • Contribution of Muslims in Studying World Religions
  • Islam and other Religions.
  • Judaism
  • Christianity