Dr. Irhabi Mohamed is a friendly personality and a skilled Quran reciter with a strong academic background in Islamic Studies. He has 2 Ph.Ds! One in Islamic Philosophy from Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana, USA (2012) and one in Hadith and Sunnah from Omdurman University, Sudan (2012)


  • Ph.D in Hadith and Sunna from Um Durman Islamic University, Sudan (2013)
  • Ph.D in Islamic Philosophy honored by Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana, USA (2012)
  • Master of Arts in Hadith and Sunna, Um Durman Islamic University, Sudan (2006)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Sharia, Um Durman Islamic University, Sudan (2002)


  • Teacher, Al-Huda University, 2016 – Present
  • Teacher, Quran and Tajweed, Salam Academy, 2015
  • Research, Newly Arisen Issues Concerning Mosques and Islamic Centers, Published w/ Amja, 2015
  • Teacher, American Open University, 2013- 2015
  • Research, Thesis on the Book of Purification (Kitab Al Tahara) of “Saheeh Muslim Summary” by Al Qurtubi
  • Research, Creativity in learning Quran, 2007
  • Research, Patience in Quran, 1999
  • Research, Benefits of Fasting, 1998
  • Research, The Aesthetic Signs of Sunna
  • Research, Civil Values: Caring About the Elderly in the View of the Prophet (pbuh)
  • Research, Role of the Sunna In Legislation
  • Research, Role of the Mosque Throughout History
  • Research, How to Rebuild the Civil Role of the Mosque to Raise Awareness in Generations
  • Research, Media and Education of the Mosque According To The Sunnah