Dr. Muthanna has more than twenty years of experience in teaching the Arabic language where he developed his own curriculum.  He developed a classical Arabic language curriculum for native speakers and instructed students in advanced syntax and morphology.  Dr. Muthanna instructed classical Arabic courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels.


  • PhD. in Arabic Linguistics from University of Baghdad
  • Master’s in Classical Arabic Syntax from University of Baghdad
  • Bachelor’s in Arabic Language Studies from University of Baghdad


  • University of Nizwa – ( 2015 – Present ) .
    Scientific expert of Master’s and doctoral researches / Arabic Language Department – College of Arts and Sciences
  • Professor of Arabic Studies at Rice University ( foreign Language ) .( January 2012 – Present ) .
  • Professor of Arabic Studies at Houston Community College, Houston, TX (Fall 2010 – Present) .
  • Professor of Arabic Studies at Lone Star College, Houston, TX (Summer 2009 )
  • Arabic coordinator at Iman Academy, Houston, TX (Summer 2009 – Present)
  • HQA Institute, Houston, TX (Summer 2007 – Summer 2009). Arabic Studies Instructor.
  • Professor of Arabic Studies at University of Iraq , Baghdad, Iraq (2004 –2006)
  • No’man Central Library, Baghdad, Iraq (Fall 2003 – Summer 2004)