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Dr. Yasir Nadeem is a well-known Islamic scholar in the United States and India. He has around ten years of experience in teaching Islamic studies. His area of interest is Hadith and the principles of Hadith. He has been attending National and international seminars on Islamic themes and topics. At the age of 20, he authored a best seller in Urdu on Globalization and Islam.


  • PhD degree in the science of Hadith from the International Islamic University – Studied in Malaysia (currently defending the dissertation)
  • Masters in Arabic Language and Literature from the American Open University, VA
  • Ifta (Jurisprudence course from Darul UloomDeoband India in 2003
  • Diploma in Arabic language and literature from Darul UloomDeoband in 2002
  • Alim course (Graduation) from Darul UloomDeoband in 2001 with top honors


  • Director and founder of Darul Uloom Online (www.darululoomonline.org)
  • Professor of Hadith and Fiqh at the Institute of Islamic Education Elgin, IL USA.
  • Deputy Editor of Monthly Urdu Islamic Magazine “Tarjumaan e Deoband” India.