Financial Stability for the

Muslim Family 


Dr. Main Al-Qudah

إنّك إن تَذَرَ ورثتك أغنياءَ، خيرٌ من أن تذرهم عالةً يتكففون النّاس”  حديث صحيح”

“Verily, leaving your inheritors rich after your death is better than leaving them dependent, begging people”.

Seminar on Saturday Aug 16th

Introduction event is on Friday Aug 15th


East Plano Islamic Center

1360 Star Ct

Plano, TX 75074

 This seminar is a consideration for:

1- Wealth managers who have Muslim clients.

2- Parents who want to save for their kids’ higher education, and concerned about student loan.

3- Investors looking for Halal opportunities, especially in the stock market.

You will learn from this seminar:

1-Importance of having Halal income.

2-How to purify your wealth from Haram.

3-Financial advice for individuals & investors.

4-Bank-free financing: different Islamic modes of finance.

5- Halal stock market.

6- What does (socially responsible investment) mean ?

7- Status of life insurance.

8- Options for pension plans.

Seminar Materials:

In this seminar you will receive a handout summery of the lessons.

 Time Frame:

 This lecture will last up to 3 hours:

 3 sessions; each one lasts for 45 minutes.

 15 minutes brake after each session.