High School Elective Program for Seniors
High School Seniors may attend Guidance College Freshmen year college courses as electives to their regular high school classes.
The courses are:
  • Live streamed (audio video)
  • Held once a week
  • For an hour
  • Online with a professor
High School Senior students are eligible to select one class. This additional study will increase their Aqeedah, develop their self-discipline, help them in preparing for college, practice research skill and enhance their critical thinking skills.

All classes require a ten-page research paper using APA documentation. High School students will have full access to Guidance College’s Digital Islamic Library.

Only Fall and Spring semesters are available to High School Seniors.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Full-time enrollment at an Islamic High School or High School
  • Permission of parents
  • Permission of principal
  • GPA of 3.0
  • Students are encouraged to work with their high school academic advisers in enrolling in a class
    that would serve as the most appropriate elective for their current curriculum.