Courses are normally offered for Independent/Directed Study when the College is not able to offer course(s) in a particular semester needed for the student to continue their program studies.

Core courses cannot be taken as Independent Study.

Students are limited to one Independent Study per semester.

Certain courses may not be able to be offered in an Independent Study format. Clarification can be given by academic administration.

Each course taken by Independent Study has a syllabus written with learning outcomes and assignments for completing the course by way of Independent Study.

Students must complete an Academic Request Form prior to enrolling in an Independent Study and be in good academic standing with at least a 3.0 CGPA.

Undergraduate students must have successfully completed all but the remaining 12 hours of their program to enroll in an independent study class.

Graduate students must have successfully completed all but the remaining 9 hours of their program.

Veteran students must have VA approval for taking a course by Independent Study. The cost for Independent Studies is the same cost as regular class tuition with an additional fee.

All Independent Study courses must first be approved by the instructor and academic administration prior to the student enrolling in the course.

Independent Study course completed by the end of that term.

Students are not permitted to do an Independent Study of a course that has been failed previously.

Independent Studies cannot be taken when the student has not met the prerequisite course(s).

No Incomplete Grades are granted. Independent study can only be taken during Fall, Summer and Spring terms

Besides these initial qualifications, students are not permitted to take courses by Independent Study when they are on student development disciplinary warning or probation, or have unsettled financial matters with the College, or have not been granted full acceptance by way of an Acceptance Letter. Independent Study for courses that are being offered concurrently for the semester will not be offered.

Course work includes every unit that would be expected in a synchronistic class. This includes all homework, reading assignments, ancillary virtual video assignments, midterm, final, research paper, and oral final.

Tuition fees are the same as they are for a synchronistic class.