• Graduate Diploma in Business & Management from SEGi College in Malaysia (June 2008)

  • Master of Business Administration from University of Souther Queensland in Australia (March 2009)

  • Currently pursuing Ph.D in Islamic Finance from The Global University of Islamic Finance (INCIEF) in Malaysia (2010 – Present).
  • Completed all course works, passed comprehensive exam, and recently submitted final dissertation for examination


  • Senior Financial Analyst/Consultant for Al-Antary Corporation in Malaysia (2010 – 2015)
  • Researcher and Ph.D Candidate for The Global University of Islamic Finance in Malaysia (2010 – 2015)



  • Thabet, E. (2014), Examining the long-run causal relationship between the U.S. Money Supply (M2) and the Canadian stock market, International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 6
  • Impact of Basel III Accord on lending behavior and performance of Islamic Banks (Forthcoming)