Guidance College has exciting employment opportunities.  Not only you will be involved in a starter university with great opportunities for growth, but you will work with highly recognized professional in their local communities and in the USA.  We also welcome volunteers.

Join our family by browsing through Jobs & Opportunities openings:

Teaching and Academics

Teacher Assistants (Open)

Job Description:

Assist Professors, faculty members, or other professional staff members at Guidance College by performing teaching or teaching-related duties, developing teaching materials, preparing and giving examinations, and grading examinations or papers.

Professors (Open)

Job Description:

The Professor is responsible for the coordination, planning, preparation, presentation, and evaluation of classroom instruction and related activities. The instructor is responsible for performing assigned duties during the day, evening, or weekend. At a minimum, the related activities include instruction, instructional counseling, and academic advising. An instructor performs all other duties as directed by the Division Chair, Dean of Instruction, or the President or designee.


Administrator & HR Manager (Closed)

Job Description:

Coordinates administrative functions to include business affairs, personnel matters, and managing budgets. The Incumbents regularly resolve politically sensitive problems, which impact the university internally and externally.

Student Affairs Admin (Closed)

Job Description:

Student Affairs Admin handles all work related to student affairs which consists of the following but not limited to: admit students after being approved by the CEO, contact students to complete admission process, work with Sycamore Campus (Learning Management System), create and update student profiles on Sycamore Campus, process student payments and update their accounting profile, create registration forms on Wufoo, communicate with students and respond to their inquiries, conduct online orientation for new students every semester, and help students with registration.

Online School Admin (Closed)

Job Description:

Manages and supervises the Sycamore Campus, the learning management system.  Also manages all live classes through Adobe Connect, the virtual classroom. Facilitates communication between instructors and students, and more.

Marketing Admin (Open)

Job Description:

The Marketing Consultant of Guidance College is responsible for developing and growing the image and exposure of the University through various channels; physical and digital. Yearly strategies, budgeting, analysis and leading others in the department are all roles that must be played. Some skills that are required include clear communication skills (written and oral), media and design skills (photo/video editing), and analytical skills to measure and respond to key data points.

Grant Writer (Closed)

Job Description:

The position of Grant Writer is a contractor/ consultant position. Writers are expected to coordinate and carry out the necessary finding, writing, preparation and submission of proposals for funding of grants opportunities for Guidance College. Applicants are expected to successfully identify funding sources to support Guidance College’s research and educate activities. Serve as subject matter experts for grants writing and any relevant activities related to grants, including review of previous proposals submitted. Establishing contacts and rapport with multiple funding agencies, departments and foundations as demonstrated by generated proposals to RFPs activities within the first 30 days after hiring.

IT & Technical (IT Developer, Graphic Designer & Web Master) (Closed)

Job Description:

Designs and maintains the Guidance College websites, ensuring the continual correctness, completeness, and timeliness of information on the site. In addition, Champions the effective use of Internet and Intranet communication tools to enhance communication between Guidance College, students and the community.

Online Librarian (Open)

Job Description:

The Online Librarian works on a part-time, telecommuting basis and maintains faculty status. This online librarian position will support the undergraduate and undergraduate programs at the College. The position requires web skills and specific subject credentials to support these programs. The online librarian has developed web skills and specific subject credentials in support of the College’s academic programs. This position focuses on web-based collection development and the selection of electronic course materials.

In addition, the online librarian collaborates in providing virtual reference services for students, including taking the lead for a select database, e-book program, or tutorial services. Ideally, the successful candidate has worked in a university library as a reference librarian, and has supported/acted as the library liaison students enrolled in distance education. The Online Librarian will respond to student emails and assist students with research questions. The current estimated hours are ten per week, which will grow as student enrollment expands.

Volunteer Opportunities

Guidance College volunteers represent and serve the University in public events or may be required to perform routine and administrative tasks.

Location: The Volunteer may work in public reception areas, at Guidance College headquarter located in Katy, Texas or may work from home depending on the volunteer opportunity event location and schedule.


Guidance College will record and issue a letter of recommendation upon request to all volunteer, In addition, Guidance College, offers volunteers with more than 30 hours of work the following:
• Certificate of Service per event.
• An opportunity to sit as a guest in Guidance College course(s).
• An opportunity to waive tuition for Guidance College community education courses.
• Professional development and training opportunity for part time or full time positions.