Guidance College is an Islamic Institution of higher learning. The College is dedicated to providing a world class education in the study of Islam.
Guidance College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Those who work at Guidance College are dedicated and highly motivated academics and administrators.

The following positions are currently open:


Online Librarian

Job Description:

The Online Librarian works on a part-time, telecommuting basis and maintains faculty status. This online librarian position will support the undergraduate and undergraduate programs at the College. The position requires web skills and specific subject credentials to support these programs. The online librarian has developed web skills and specific subject credentials in support of the College’s academic programs. This position focuses on web-based collection development and the selection of electronic course materials.

In addition, the online librarian collaborates in providing virtual reference services for students, including taking the lead for a select database, e-book program, or tutorial services. Ideally, the successful candidate has worked in a university library as a reference librarian, and has supported/acted as the library liaison students enrolled in distance education. The Online Librarian will respond to student emails and assist students with research questions. The current estimated hours are ten per week, which will grow as student enrollment expands.

Islamic Economics & Finance Adjunct

Job Description:

Adjunct faculty serves as temporary part-time faculty and are appointed as needed on a semester-by-semester basis. The primary duty is effective teaching at the graduate level in the Guidance College Master of Arts Islamic Economics & Finance.

This faculty instruction position is solely performed using remote synchronous technology. There are no campus courses offered.

This position reports to the Chief Academic Administrator and is responsible for presenting course materials in an organized manner that are associated with student learning outcomes, assignments, and evaluation/testing; teaching evenings and weekends; maintaining classroom routines and student records (FERPA) using the campus LMS; being available for one (1) hour per week at a designated time for student interaction and mentoring using the LMS chat function; meet all deadlines per contract for concluding course and turning in grading and allowing time for a written student course evaluation toward the end of the course. All professors must exhibit professional conduct and interaction with all members of the Guidance College community and avoid all manner of inappropriate actions and words that could be deemed as harassment of demeaning.

Must have a proven background in Islamic Finance and Economics that includes a deep understanding of relevant Shariat law for this position.




If you are interested in working at Guidance College, but do not see the position you are looking for, we welcome proactive self starters– please feel free to fill out the application and attach your resume or CV and a cover letter of why you are interested in working at Guidance College. Your resume will be kept on file in case of future openings.