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The Learning Abroad Experience

Guidance College presents an “in-world-experience” for students who seek to learn the Arabic language as a second landuage. Yes, over 5 years we have educated students in Islam right here at home. i.e. America and still ,at heart, we pursue in our mission to continue to educate student nationwide. There comes a time where the egg must must hatch, and leave the mother hen’s nest to embark on a journey of thier own to apply the knowledged learned; our students. Guidance College launched our

“Arabic Premier Learning Abroad Program.”

Arabic is the 5th language spoken in the world and the language of the Quran. Students will participate in a classroom environment to learn where they will earn up to 3 credit hours. Students are enabled to have an real life experience in the submersion in an all Arabic speakers society in Jordan where learners will be partnered with natives speakers to ensure a higher ability of grasping the mother tongue. Students venture to the city of Petra, Citadel Hill in Amman, see the Deadsea, engage with Jordanian daily life in markets and visit the city capital.
Traveling in seek of knowledge has proven to increase chances employment by 97% and increases the retention of the language long-term. Apply today and join our vision in equiping every inhabitant of earth to face modern day realities with skills learned at Guidance College. Apply today!

A three-month intensive Arabic course will earn up to nine credit hours towards students undergraduate curriculum. All courses are $1,900.00 per month.

This program includes:

  • Shared housing.
  • Arrangement for community learning activities.
  • Partnered with native speaker.
  • Transportation (pick up and drop off from airport)
  • Courses materials including textbook.
  • Student support; visa process, country orientation, pre-departure planning, program-provided health insurance, and staff support.



Learning Abroad Schedule
Spring Semester January 25 – May 25 Application Deadline: Jan. 20
Spring Break

Please note Spring break dates may fluctuate from year to year. Please call for more information.

Summer Semester June 1st – August 1st Application Deadline: May 25
Fall Semester September 1st – December 1st Application Deadline: Aug.25
Winter Semester January 1st – January 19th Application Deadline: Dec.20

Please click here Basic Arabic 101


  • Meals can vary in cost depending on locations; restaurant and city. Meals are upon the expenses of students, however, snacks and drinks are complementary.
  • Please call for more details.


  • The form of transportion in Jordan are taxis, trains, and bus systems.
  • Learning abroad students travel in groups.
  • Please call for more details.


  • All courses┬ámaterials and textbooks are inclusivein the learning abroad program.