Guidance College allows professionals only among  its degree-students to apply for the Practice Evaluation Program (PEP). Students pursuing Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies are eligible to apply. Graduate students cannot apply for this program. PEP is an opportunity for professionals who have gained experience and knowledge in the real world to prove it and benefit from it by expediting their graduation process, up to 50% of the duration of the program. It integrates the professional’s knowledge and skills to specific courses after he or she has written a short essay supported with data and case studies outside the classroom (internship for instance) illustrating the specific area of knowledge in which he or she wants to apply to the course in discussion.  The Credit Transfer Committee (CTC) will review the application and verify the information provided by contacting the references available. The Credit Transfer Committee will then decide whether the degree-student will be granted the credits due to sufficient experience and practice, or will need to take the required course.  

Program Requirements:

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. Submit a short essay explaining your experience and indicate the course(s) it pertains to.
  3. Provide references in your essay.
  4. Provide documents supporting your experience such a letter from an employer.

Applicants should consider the following instructions:

  • Practice Evaluation Form could not be submitted more than one time for the same course(s). CTC evaluation result is final.
  • Both oral & written exams might be assessed upon the discretion of the Credit Transfer Committee.
  • Minimum passing grade is 70% for each application.
  • Call or email Student Affairs Department should you have any questions or concerns.

(713) 231-3791 or 

** Guidance College can only accept up to 50% of the credits required to complete a specific degree program, whether through Credit Transfer, Credit by Exam, or Practice Evaluation Program.


  1. Click on the below link
  2. Use your credentials to login to your Sycamore Campus portal
  3. On the Homepage, under the News tab, find Practice Evaluation Program
  4. Complete the form