Sh. Osamah has a Bachelor Degree in Sharia’a from Al-Azhar University. He memorized the whole Quran at the age of 15.  He is certified in the Ten Canonical modes of recitation.  Sh. Osamah has experience in giving Friday Khutbas, leading Taraweeh and administering classes in Tajweed, Arabic language and Fiqh.


  • M.A. Guidance College, Texas, USA: Executive Master in Islamic Finance (Expected graduation 2021)
  • B.A. Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt: College of Shari`ah 2012 (Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh)


  • Content Editor and Shari’ah Reviser at International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH) (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) May 2011 – Present
     Book Evaluations: Primarily focused on academic accuracy, Shari’ah compliance and relevance to an English audience.
  • Translator and Editor at Dar-AlSalam Publications (Cairo, Egypt) October 2008 – March 2009
     Translator of “Our Youth: The Key to Success” by Dr. Muhammad Sa’eed Hawwa printed 2009 (317 pages)
    ISBN: 978 – 977- 342 – 767 – 6
     Editor of “The Essence of Faith” by Dr. Muhammad Amahzun 2009 (190 pages) ISBN: 977- 342- 707 2

Classical Training

  • Memorized the entire Qur’an at the age of 15
  • Certified in the Ten Canonical modes of recitation (مجاز بالقراءات العشر المتواترة)
  • Including four distinct certifications in the mode of Hafs (اثنان منها إجازة بالقراءة والإقراء من طريق الشاطبية وواحدة بالقراءة فقط من طريق الشاطبية، والرابعة إجازة بأربع طرق من طرق طيبة النشر، هي المصباح والكامل وطريقا الفيل وزرعان عن روضة ابن المعدل)
  • Certified in a number of classical texts at intermediate and advanced levels in Arabic language
  • Specializing in Fiqh in the Shafi’i Juridical School.