The table below lists the Tuition and Fees:

Item Price
Undergraduate Cost per Credit Hour $75.00
Graduate Cost per Credit Hour $125.00
Application for Admission $50.00
Transcripts $25.00 each
 Diploma Replacement  $50.00


 Veteran’s Discount

Guidance College welcomes active duty military members and veterans. Active duty military members and veterans –upon presentation of their DD214– will receive tuition discount of 20% and the waiver of the application fee.

Please contact the finance office for further details



Item Price
Undergraduate Cost per Credit Hour $75.00
Graduate Cost per Credit Hour $125.00


Refund Policy

The student has a right to a full refund of all tuition less the amount of the “Application for Admission” fee (this fee is referred to in this document as “non-refundable fee). The student is entitled to a refund, if he or she cancels the course enrollment in writing within the first 2 weeks after the first day of the beginning of the semester. Eligible Refunded amount will be credit to the students account.

 All tuition and fees paid by the student (less the non-refundable fees) shall be credited to the student within 30 days of the withdrawal or cancellation. The formal notice of cancellation may be e-mailed, mailed, faxed or delivered in person. If mailed, the postmark date is the effective date of cancellation or withdrawal.

 If a student withdraws after the obligation-free period as noted previously, all tuition and fee payments, less non-refundable fees, shall be refunded on a pro rata basis (see following details).

Full Refund

 To be eligible for a full refund, a student must terminate enrollment by Sunday of the second week of the semester.

 Pro Rata Refund

 A student may terminate enrollment at any time. A student who withdraws from Guidance College after the obligation-free period will receive refunds of already paid tuition for the course(s) not received (less non-refundable fees). The amount of the refund shall be determined in accordance with the following pro rata refund policy.

Pro Rata Refund
Item Price
Withdraw within the first 2 weeks of the semester 100% of Paid Tuition Fees
Withdraw between the 3rd week and the 5th week 2/3 of Tuition (if Paid in Full)
Withdraw after the start of the 6th week to the end of the semester No Refund


Refund Policy and Installment Plan

 Students are allowed to pay tuition using an installment plan. In a case where the paid installments toward tuition are less than the eligible refund, the student will be obligated to pay the remainder of the tuition fee. If a student withdraws from a class between the third and fifth week, one-third (1/3) of the tuition is due.  After the beginning of the sixth week, the full amount is due.


Withdrawal Notification

 To withdraw from a class, students should log in to the Sycamore Campus and click on the withdrawal tab located on the home page.


Cost of Books, Supplies and other Related Expenses

 Guidance College strives to provide textbooks for all classes. However, there may be courses for which it is the students’ responsibility to purchase textbooks. Guidance College will not issue a refund and not obligated to refund the cost of books or supplies or any other expenses associated or required by the student as a result of the student registration, enrollment or extra curriculum activities relating to the students’ courses or academic activities.


Total cost of the program

 The total cost of each program is dependent upon the number of credits that the student completes at Guidance College. For example, if a student transfers 15 credits from another institution, their cost will be less than if the student had taken all courses at Guidance College. The total cost of each program are calculated as follows:

Program Cost =  Total Credit Hours X Cost per Credit Hour + Additional Fees*

*Additional Fees include: Application for Admission & Transcripts fees.


Method of payment and payment schedule

 Payment Methods:

 Guidance College accepts the following methods of payments:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Electronic Payments

Payment Schedule:

All non-refundable fees are due immediately upon initial registration or enrollment as applicable and prior to semester start. Guidance College accepts an installment payment plan for “Tuition Fees” only.  The installment plan is an interest free.


Changes to this policy – Disclaimer

Guidance College reserves the right to change this policy without notice including requiring additional fees.