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Guidance College offers 2-hour programs on various topics of interest, such as Riba, finances, and family issues; all presented by Guidance College professors.


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Each of these topics are offered as 2 hour programs. Pick a topic you think would benefit and interest your community. Keep that topic in mind when moving on to step 2. 

Interest-bearing transactions in the U.S.

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Introduction to Islamic Finance
  2. Difference between Halal and Haram for certain financing
  3. Process of buying a house via mortgage
  4. Basic jurisprudential rules of usury in Islam
  5. Using credit cards, and to what extent is permissible
  6. The permissibility of having a savings and checking account
  7. Dealing with one’s 401(k) plan.
  8. How to avoid Riba

Bankruptcy & Rights of Creditors

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Different kinds of bankruptcy
  2. Insolvency
  3. Legal versus religious liability
  4. Similarities between death and bankruptcy
  5. Individual versus institution creditors 
  6. Rulings of bankruptcy 

Cryptocurrency & Currency Exchange

Topics that will be covered   

  1. Ruling of cryptocurrency 
  2. Immediate exchange concern
  3. Currency future
  4. Buying on margin
  5. Fiat money
  6. Commodity money

Electronic Commerce

Topics that will be covered:

  1. Alibaba, e-bay, and Amazon business models
  2. Drop shipping vs. prepaid sale (Salam) 
  3. Liability and warranty
  4. Pyramid sale

Life Insurance 

Topics that will be covered

  1. Government-based insurance 
  2. Mutual insurance
  3. Commercial insurance 
  4. Mainstream Fatwa regarding insurance
  5. Liability, home, and business insurance
  6. Bilateral vs. unilateral contracts
  7. Does life insurance involve interest, gambling and misrepresentation? 
  8. Ruling of life insurance

Checking & Saving Accounts: A to Z

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Definition of checking account
  2. Saving account
  3. Money market account
  4. Health Saving Account
  5. Status of supporting Riba-based banking
  6. Overdraft fees
  7. Overdraft protection 
  8. Using debit as credit card

All about Zakah for Muslims in the U.S.

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Substituting Zakah by Taxes
  2. Zakatable Wealth 
  3. Non-Zakatable Wealth  
  4. Conditions for paying Zakah.
  5. Threshold (Nisab) vs. Poverty Line
  6. Zakah of Salaries & Professional Fees
  7. Zakah of Jewelry and Ornaments
  8. Zakah of Retirement Funds: 401(k), annuity, IRA, etc.
  9. Zakah of Stocks, Shares and Bonds
  10. Deductibility of Mortgage & Car Loan’s payments

Problematic Riba-Based Transactions

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Bank loans
  2. Marginal accounts
  3. Reverse mortgage
  4. Pawnshop business
  5. Inheriting prohibited money
  6. Borrowing prohibited money
  7. Credit unions
  8. Loan issuance fees
  9. Payment plan fees
  10. Letter of guarantee
  11. Factoring business
  12. Debt collection business
  13. Check cashing

Domestic Violence in Islam

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Domestic violence vs. Physical discipline
  2. Status of beating women
  3. Resolution for spouses’ rebellion
  4. Examples from the Seerah of the Prophet SAAW
  5. Disciplining Kids
  6. Marital rape

Credit Cards: A to Z

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Credit card is a loan agreement
  2. Different level of prohibited matters
  3. Role of necessity and public need
  4. ATM cash withdrawal
  5. Issuance Fees
  6. Using credit card for international transactions
  7. Accepting credit payment
  8. Balance transfer
  9. Cash back & promotional discount
  10. Paying statement balance vs. current balance
  11. Secured credit card

Family Issues in the American Society

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Marrying from the People of the Book
  2. Embracing Islam by the wife while the husband remains non-Muslim
  3. Nominal marriage for the purpose of getting permanent residency
  4. Nominal divorce for the purpose of acquiring some official benefits
  5. Civil marriage in American courts
  6. Validity of divorce decreed by American courts
  7. Adopting Muslim children refugees in the west
  8. Marrying someone who is pregnant from fornication
  9. The contribution of the wife who participates by her skills and labor in building the wealth of her husband 
  10. Ruling of the non-registered marriage (الزواج العرفي )
  11. Pleasure marriage (زواج المتعة)
  12. Marriage with the intent of divorce (الزواج بنية الطلاق) 
  13. Partial marriage (زواج المسيار)
  14. Testament & Last will

Contemporary Medical Issues

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Human Cloning
  2. Artificial Insemination and Test-tube Babies
  3. Transplanting and Selling Organs; using embryo’s organs, sex glands, reproductive system
  4. Definition of Death & Status of turning off life support machines
  5. Restrictions on AIDS patients
  6. Genetic Diagnosis
  7. Alcoholic Medicines
  8. Sex Change Operations
  9. Dissection of Dead Bodies
  10. Birth Control and Planning
  11. Abortion
  12. Plastic Surgery

Islamic Mortgage Companies in the U.S.

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Fiqh guidelines for mortgaging homes
  2. Guidance Residential
  3. University Islamic Financial 
  4. Devon Bank 
  5. Ijara Loan
  6. Lariba

Financial Stability for the Muslim Family

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Importance of having Halal income
  2. How to purify your wealth from Haram
  3. Financial advices for individuals & investors
  4. Bank-free financing: different Islamic modes of finance
  5. Halal stock market
  6. What does “socially responsible investment” mean?
  7. Status of life insurance
  8. Options for pension plans

All About Retirement Accounts

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Stable value fund
  2. Balanced fund
  3. Aggressive fund
  4. Stock fund
  5. Employer stock fund
  6. Criteria of Halaal stocks 
  7. Islamic mutual fund companies
  8. Purify your portfolio
  9. Direct withdrawal from 401(k)
  10. Borrowing from 401(k) 

Installment Plan & Finance

Topics that will be covered:
  1. Increasing the price for installment sale
  2. Finance through a third party or lender
  3. Dealership financing
  4. 0% APR finance
  5. Buying out interest
  6. Floor plan


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