Course Description:

This course introduces the basics of the Islamic Creed while clarifying common misconceptions and elements that can damage one’s beliefs, such as polytheism and hypocrisy. We will explore the six pillars of faith that form the building blocks of the Islamic Creed and elaborate on the concept of Lordship. The impact of the Islamic Creed on a Muslim’s life is further discussed while having a comparative view of basic beliefs underpinning other religions.

Course Code: AQE101

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: None

Learning Objectives:

Define and explain fundamental concepts of faith, belief, and worship. Explain the principles of Islamic creed, it’s relevance in their lives and the importance of studying it. Articulate the five pillars of Islam, and why the testimony of faith is the first and central belief. Describe each of the six articles of faith. Explain the concept of Divine Will and Decree. Illustrate the categories of Tawheed with textual proofs and provide examples of each category. Explain how all the categories of Tawheed are needed for proper worship. Explore each category of Tawheed while identifying their antithesis Shirk. Develop basic knowledge and recognize some of the common misconceptions and misrepresentations related to Tawheed. Ability to compare and contrast Islamic creed with the creed of other divine religions.

Course Outlines:


  • Context setting.
  • Definition of creed, faith, and relevant Arabic terminology.
  • Importance of the creed and relationship between Pillars of faith and Islam.

The Pillars of Faith:

  • Oneness of Allah and the impact of Faith on human life.
  • Polytheism and its consequences.
  • Different types of polytheism.
  • Hypocrisy: Its meaning, signs and consequences.

Belief in Allah’s Angels:

  • Angels, their nature and their functions.

Belief in Allah’s Books:

  • What are the known revelations (scriptures) before the Quran.
  • How The Qur’an Is protected from change.
  • Non-tamper proof status of previous books.

Belief in Allah’s Prophets:

  • The First and Last Messengers.
  • Why human beings are best suited to be messengers.
  • Differences between Prophets and Messengers.

Belief in life after the death:

  • Impact of belief in the life after the death on human life
  • Inevitability of the Day of Judgment and its stages
  • Records and Scales
  • Intercession
  • Straight Path
  • Paradise and Hell
  • What happens in the Grave

Belief in Fate and the Divine decree:

  • Concept of Free will