Master’s degree

Master’s Degree Program in Islamic Education

The Master’s Degree in Islamic Education encompasses two tracks with three options.

  • For students who have not completed a teaching certification elsewhere, successfully completing the two tracks (41 credit hours) will entitle the Master’s candidate to a Master’s Degree in Islamic Education.
  • Certified teachers, who have also already completed a secular Master’s degree in Education, from an accredited university or college, may be able to transfer Master’s level classroom management and child development courses.  Thereby, decreasing the time needed to complete their Master’s degree in Islamic Education.
  • Students who only wish to earn a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies are not required to complete the teaching portion of the program. Completing the Islamic Studies course list (total of 20 credit hours) would result in earning a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Islamic Studies.
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MAIE Degree Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the MAIE program will be able to. . .

  1. Will have graduate level academic preparation through the study of Islam’s Quranic revelation, theories, science, and community engagement.
  2. Meet the need for the Islamic School Teachers, in North America.
  3. Actively engage the Islamic community through well rounded in Islamic scholarship tradition as well as in the cultural currents and critical ideas shaping North America.
  4. Pursue civil and societal exchanges using Islamic knowledge.
  5. Advance to additional graduate or doctoral studies.

Program Course List:

Graduate Certificate in Islamic Studies


Spring Semester
Course CodeCourse NameCr. Hrs.Pre-Requisites
MAIE610Teachings of The Holy Quran3None
MAIE620Methods of Teaching Arabic3None
Summer Semester
MAIE630Arabic Grammar3Advance fluency in Arabic
MAIE640Tajweed Sciences3Pre-Requisite: Oral Evaluation Test
MAIE650Islamic Creed3None
Fall Semester
Course CodeCourse NameCr. Hrs.Pre-Requisites
MAIE660Islamic Law3None
MAIE700Research Methods in Education3None


Graduate Teacher Certification Course List:


Spring Semester
Course CodeCourse NameCr. Hrs.Pre-Requisites
MAIE710Models of Teaching3None
MAIE720Application 1: The Teacher in the Classroom (Internship)375% MAIE Completion & Approval
MAIE730Human Development & Learning3None
Summer Semester
Course CodeCourse NameCr. Hrs.Pre-Requisites
MAIE750Effective Classroom Management/Discipline3None
MAIE755Application 2 Field Education Teaching Practicum3MAIE710, MAIE720, MAIE730, MAIE750
Fall Semester

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