Our Master’s in Islamic Education program encompasses two different tracks.  Completing the two tracks successfully (40 credit hours) would entitle the candidate to earn a Master’s Degree in Islamic Education.  Completing the Islamic Studies and Their Teaching Methodology track only (total of 19 credit hours) would result in getting a diploma in Islamic Studies.  While completing the Teacher Certification track (21 credit hours) would make the student a Certified Teacher.

Additionally, certified teachers, who already have their teacher certificate from a different university, can still take the Islamic Studies track, in which Guidance College will accept their teacher certificate as dual credit and grant them a Master’s Degree in Islamic Education.

Diploma in Islamic Studies & Their Teaching Methodology Course List:

Course CodeCourse NameCr. Hrs.Pre-Requisites
MAIE610Teachings of The Holy Quran3None
MAIE620Methods of Teaching Arabic3None
MAIE630Arabic Grammar2None
MAIE640Tajweed Sciences2None
MAIE650Islamic Creed3None
MAIE660Islamic Law3None
MAIE700Research Methods in Education3None

Teacher Certification Course List:

Course CodeCourse NameCr. Hrs.Pre-Requisites
MAIE710Models of Teaching3None
MAIE720Application 1: The Teacher in the Classroom (Internship)3None
MAIE730Human Development & Learning3None
MAIE740Application 2: Project / Thesis3None
MAIE750Effective Classroom Management/Disipline3None
MAIE760Cultural & Social Foundation of American Education3None
MAIE770Introduction to the Use of Multimedia & Instructional Technology in Education3None