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Guidance College allows its degree students to apply for Credit Transfer for any relevant course(s) they have taken with any other university.  Many Islamic universities in North America offer identical or similar courses to ours, and we would love to acknowledge these universities and make it easy for our students to graduate as soon as possible.

Applicants should consider the following instructions:

  • Credit Transfer form could not be submitted more than one time for the same course(s). Credit Transfer result is final.
  • Both oral & written exams might be assessed upon the discretion of the Credit Transfer Committee.
  • Minimum passing grade is 70% for each course.
  • Call or email Student Affairs Department should you have any questions or concerns.

(713) 231-3791 or [email protected] 

 Eligible Course Credit Conditions

  • Credit courses must be equivalent to Guidance College Degree Program course curriculum and requirements.
  • For the Associate Degree, up to 32 hours will be accepted as a credit transfer, 64 for the Bachelor Degree, and 20 for the Master’s degree.
  • No high school course such as calculus, developmental, or remedial courses will be accepted as a credit transfer.
  • Minimum Grade of 70% is required for a course to be eligible for Credit Transfer.
  • Credit that is older than 10 years prior to the credit transfer application will be subject to an evaluation.
  • Credit transfer will only be accepted for courses that are completed at a registered and licensed university in the US, preferably accredited, or a well-recognized institution if it is abroad.
  • Any credits transferred from schools that use quarter systems will be adjusted to equate to semester credit.

** Guidance College can only accept up to 50% of the credits required to complete a specific degree program, whether through Credit Transfer, Course Evaluation, or Practice Evaluation Program.

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