Guidance College allows its degree-seeking students to apply for an evaluation test for any course. It’s up to the discretion of the student to choose the courses for which he or she wish to be evaluated. Comprehension may be due to self-study or informal study with a scholar. Credits will be granted upon passing the evaluation test.

 Applicants should consider the following:

  • Review the textbook and the syllabus of the respective course thoroughly, and apply for evaluation only when ready.
  • The same evaluation test cannot be taken more than once during the same semester.
  • Pay the due fees prior to each attempt. Students on any kind of scholarship or special discount agreement are not waived from the test fees. 
  • Evaluation tests must be taken according to their order; freshmen, sophomore, junior, and then senior courses.
  • Some courses might not be available for evaluation, either because they are not offered in that particular semester for academic or administrative reasons, or otherwise, they have not been taught before. Please check the availability of the course before you apply and pay.
  • The evaluation will consist of an Oral Exam and a Written Exam. Other requirements might be assessed upon the discretion of the examiner.
  • The minimum passing grade is 70%

Call or email the Student Affairs Department should you have any questions or concerns.

(713) 231-3791  or 

** Guidance College can only accept up to 50% of the credits required to complete a specific degree program, whether through Credit Transfer, Credit by Exam, or Practice Evaluation Program.


  1. Click on the below link
  2. Use your credentials to log in to your Sycamore Campus portal
  3. On the Homepage, under the News tab, find Credit By Exam
  4. Select the form that applies to you and fill it out