The purpose of accreditation is to ensure that institutions of higher learning meet agreed upon standards of quality. The accreditation journey is an ongoing process that colleges and universities engage in to ensure continuous improvement for the curriculum, student satisfaction, and services.

However, when an institution is not accredited, this does not necessarily indicate a lack of standards. Institutions must prove that all levels of institutional effectiveness and quality are being met. This includes curriculum, administrative and human resources. Such is the case with Guidance College. Thus, accreditation is a long process that is cyclical, and not simply subscribed to by completing a survey type or check-list document.

Guidance College has taken the initial institutional steps to receiving applicant status. After acceptance as an applicant, the next phase for the College will be to be placed in candidacy status. This will then be followed by initial accreditation.

Guidance College is currently working on applications that will be submitted to U.S. Department of Education recognized institutional accreditors. The College looks forward to working with these accreditors. As each phase of the process is achieved, this page will be updated. The College is also very grateful and proud of the students who attend Guidance College and are thus part of the accreditation journey.