Asalam Alaykum Dear Students:

The success of Guidance College students is the number one priority.  Schooling can at times feel overwhelming, this is normal. 
Studying online takes commitment and discipline.  Guidance College professors and administrators understand these stressors.
Students may need assistance in balancing work, life, and school commitments. This can be a typical part of obtaining a degree.

Assistance with writing a paper, engaging in research, or answering a homework question should always be directed to your professor first. Be sure to note your professor’s office hours, phone number, and email.

However, if you feel that you need more assistance, Academic Advising is here to help you. Do not be shy, we were all students once too.  Moreover, we are all students of Islam, understanding Islam is a life long experience.

If you need help, please contact or 832-517-2988

If you have a fatwa question that is part of your research or homework, please contact (916) 239-6233.