Course Description

This course goes over analytical interpretation of Quran. An explanation of Juza Amma ( the 30th and the last Juza of the Quran ) based on classical and contemporary works. Attention will be given to the major themes covered within the Juza as well as the historical context of the verses, their reasons for revelation, and most importantly, how to relate the lessons of the Juza to the daily life of students, eventually, increase their faith and practice. 

Course Code: QUR222

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: QUR101

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the main themes of Juza Amma based on classical and contemporary works and present them in essays and video presentations, highlighting its lessons, connection between the themes, and offer solutions based on similar trials today.
  • Write an essay highlighting the meanings of Allah’s words in Juza Amma and on the methodology of scholars of Tafseer who interpreted Allah’s Words in the Quran.
  • Dispute the allegations against Islam through role play between the instructor and other students, developing and acknowledging various ways of calling non-Muslims to Islam through evidence, reasoning, and wisdom.