Course Description

This course focuses on self development. Students learn the importance of purifying the soul, softening the heart, strengthening the relationship between the servant and his Lord, and increasing one’s faith. It encourages students to examine and appreciate the deep meanings behind acts of worship, learn how to transform worldly acts into acts of worship, acknowledge the magnitude of good character in being a pious Muslim, and master the etiquette of remembering Allah SWT and attaining His pleasure.

Course Code: SOC204

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: None

Learning Objectives

  • Explain why self-development is important, the role of self-evaluation in the journey towards self-improvement, using textual evidences from the Quran and Sunnah.
  • Write a short essay explaining the interaction between the Rooh (soul), Qalb (heart) and Nafs (self), the different types of hearts and types of nafs, how it relates to their Iman (faith), what causes it to corrupt, and the consequences of sin.
  • Give examples of the flesh hadith, using traps of Shaytan and diseases of the heart such as: including anger, backbiting, slander, tale carrying, jealousy, envy, lying, riya, love of this world, miserliness, greed, hatred.
  • List, with examples of each, the different remedies of sick hearts and weak Iman, including knowledge, tawbah (repentance), Dhikr (remembrance), mujahadah (struggling against the nafs), muraqabah (vigilant watchfulness of the heart), khalwah (solitude), tadabbur (reflection), and Duaa  .
  • Analyze case study problems, noting their causes and solutions.
  • In an effort to improve their relationship with their Creator, maximize their benefit from acts of worship and obedience, and improve their dealings with themselves and others, students will start a journal and develop a self-improvement plan, analyzing their strengths/weaknesses, set ambitious goals, and monitor their progress.

Course Outlines

  • Sincerity
  • The Nature of Intention
  • Types of Heart
  •  Symptoms of the Heart’s Sickness and Signs of its Health
  • The Four Poisons of the Heart
  • Remembrance of Allah and Recitation of the Qur’an
  • Seeking Allah’s Forgiveness
  • Supplication
  • Invoking Blessings on the Prophet
  • Praying at Night
  • Doing Without the Pleasures of this World
  •  The States of the Self
  •  Perseverance
  •  Gratitude
  •  Complete Reliance on Allah
  •  Love of Allah
  • Contentment with the Decree of Allah
  • Hope in Allah
  • Fear of Allah
  • The Life of This World
  • Repentance