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The success of Guidance College students is the number one priority. Assistance with writing a paper, engaging in research, or answering a homework question should always be directed to your professor first. Be sure to note your professor’s office hours, phone number, and email.

However, if you feel that you need more assistance, Academic Advising is here to help you.  Please contact or call 832-517-2988.


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Take a look in our e-library for resources that can be used for research for any degree program. Go through the library here.
The Journal was conceived with the idea of creating a leading, open source, academic, American Islamic periodical that will focus on Islamic concepts such as Law, Fiqh, Finance, Social change, History, Civilization, Doctrine, and humanitarian research. Go through the journals here.
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imam positions – job openings

Are you Guidance College graduate looking for a job that best suits your knowledge and skillset? Mosques around the United States are looking for Imams.

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New Writing Rubric

Dr. Wilson explains the new rubric to help you write high-scoring assignments

Important information

Guidance College has a new writing rubric! This rubric for grading writing assignments is a teaching tool for faculty and a student’s guide for improving research paper writing skills. Dr. Wilson, the head of Guidance College’s Department of Institutional Effectiveness, gives an explanation of the rubric.

Click here to view the rubric and read Dr. Wilson’s explanation

Guidance College’s degree plans make it easy to check your progress in reaching your academic goals, no matter what they might be. Download the degree plan that corresponds with the program you are enrolled in and fill it in as you continue your studies with Guidance College.

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Are you new to Sycamore and are having difficulty navigating the interface? Here are some quick step-by-step instructions to guide you through Sycamore.

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Guidance College’s Mission

The mission of Guidance College is to educate a diverse student population in Islamic knowledge, to prepare graduates to think critically and ethically so that their contributions to society are maximized. Click here to read more about Guidance College. 

Graduating Student Spotlight: Rima Talib

A Dream Come True

My name is Rima Talib, and I am extremely grateful to say that Alhamdulillah, Allah (SWT) has blessed me to recently graduate from Guidance College. I was able to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies, and I could not have achieved this life-changing accomplishment without the Tawfeeq from Allah (SWT) and the help of our dedicated faculty at Guidance College. Our amazing professors have diligently structured their classes in such a way that I was able to optimize the useful knowledge I gained. I have been able to take the information provided to me and implement it into my life to live the true Islamic way that Allah (SWT) intended for us to live.

My experience at Guidance College can be summed up in one word: incredible. Guidance College has given me countless opportunities to improve my skills in the field of my choice, and it has also allowed me to gain endless knowledge about my Deen to strengthen my relationship with Allah (swt). The variety of religious classes I was able to take has enriched my life in many ways. These classes have provided me with the necessary tools I need to enhance my understanding of the things I consider to be crucial in life. In addition, they have also allowed me to build important skills in my ability to critically think and ask questions in many situations, especially in the Fiqh classes.

It is an honor to be a graduate of Guidance College, and I will continue to appreciate the time I spent here. I would like to express my gratitude to all the faculty for their professional communication throughout my years of study. May Allah (SWT) reward them all immensely in this Dunia and Hereafter.

Jazakum Allah Khairan


Students’ stories: Kevin Warren

Student Spotlight: Kevin Warren

Brother Kevin is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies. This will be Brother Kevin’s second degree as he holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting and is a Certified Management Accountant. Born in Kentucky where he spent his childhood, Brother Kevin has resided in Texas for the past two years. Shortly after moving to San Antonio Brother Kevin reverted to Islam.

Brother Kevin shares his experience of recently converting to Islam and then experiencing the pandemic as a new Muslim.




January 21, 2024

Last day to drop classes for Full Refund

March 3, 2024

Mid-Term Exam Week

March 3, 2024

Reading Week Starts – No Classes

March 10, 2024

Classes Resume

March 10, 2024

Last Day for Withdrawal

March 12, 2024

Ramadan begins

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