A Word From Our Founders

In 2011, members of the MAS Katy Center community recognized that there was a need to provide an institution of higher education in Islamic Studies to the Houston area. After many meetings and research, it was determined that an online format in addition to local classes in Katy, Texas was the best way to reach students and scholars who wanted to further their studies of Islam.

Under the guidance of Dr. Hamed Ghazali and Dr. Main Alqudah, with the support of the MAS Katy community, Guidance College, AKA Al Huda University, opened its doors in 2012. As the College grew and expanded, the name changed to Guidance College.

With each year, Guidance College expands its student body and adds new courses to the curriculum; seeking to continually improve academic performance. The goal every day is to adhere to its mission of providing Islamic knowledge as authentic and relevant as possible. Allah willing, Guidance College will become the center point of Islamic knowledge in the United States of America, where scholars and students of all faiths come together to engage theological discussions celebrating commonalities and respecting differences.


Guidance College will be a well-known institution of higher learning that is recognized for its Islamic knowledge and scholars. 


The mission of Guidance College is to educate its student population in Islamic knowledge, to prepare graduates to think critically and ethically; so that their contributions to society are maximized.