Course Description:

Students who join this class must have finished Arabic I, where they are already familiar with the Arabic sentence and have already developed the skill to read and write Arabic words, including the use of vowels (فتحة، ضمة، كسرة، تنوين).

In this course students will be introduced to basic Arabic grammar, which includes the classification of Arabic words, and the basic rules of إعراب  and when the noun, for example, is مرفوع or منصوب or مجرور, which will control the kind of vowel placed on each word. Pronouns will also be introduced and used. Students will be able to make simple sentences using these rules with different kinds of pronouns.

Course Code: ASL102

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: ASL101 Basic Arabic or Equivalent

Learning Objectives:

Understand the different kinds of Arabic words, its categories and sub-categories. For example, they will learn that the verb is classified into past, present, future, and command. They will learn how to change the form of the verb from one form to another. State the grammar rules that make the noun مرفوع أو منصوب أو مجرور.  Students will also be able to state the rules that govern the use of vowels on each verb. Put vowels on Arabic texts that do not have any vowels. Arabic pronouns to make complete Arabic sentences. Engage in dialogue to initiate social interactions, ask for basic information and say a few lines about themselves. Use Arabic grammar to improve writing and conversation. Understand and appreciate how the verses of the Quran are written. Develop critical thinking skills applicable to the use of the Arabic language. Comprehend simple written texts on familiar topics. Comprehend simple audio/video texts on familiar topics.