Dr. Ibrahim Dremali has over twenty years experience in the United States as an Imam, Director for Islamic schools, and Professor for universities.  He is a frequent speaker for Islamic centers, universities, dawah conferences, radio shows, and interfaith programs across the U.S. and overseas.


  • 2002 – Ph.D Sharia, First level of distinction, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
  • 1998 – Ph.D Geology, Florida International University, Florida, USA
  • 1996 – M.S. Geology, Florida Atlantic University, Florida, USA
  • 1995 – M.S. Sharia, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
  • 1988 – B.S. Geology, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt


  • Director, Vanguard International Academy, TX (Aug 2008-present)
  • Professor, Arees Institute, Houston, TX (2011-present)
  • Director, Islamic Center of Greater Austin, TX (Sept 2007-2009)
  • Director for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Austin Peace Academy, TX (Sept 2007-09)
  • Professor, Drake University, IA, Introduction to Islam (Aug 2006-Sept 2007)
  • Professor, Des Moines University, IA, Medicine in Islam (May 2006-Sept 2007)
  • Imam, Islamic Center of Des Moines, IA (Jan 2005-Sept 2007)
  • Principal, New Horizons Academy, IA (Jan 2005-Sept 2007)
  • Instructor, Quranic Science Institute, IA (Jan 2005-May 2006)
  • Professor, Sharia Academy of America, FL (June 2005-2007)
  • Professor, American Open University, VA (Apr 2005-present)
  • Professor,American International University,VA (Apr 2004-May 2006)
  • Islamic Financial Consultant, National Bank of Dubai, UAE (Dec 2003-Dec 2004)
  • Islamic Financial Consultant, Dubai Bank, UAE (Dec 2002-Dec 2004)
  • Islamic Financial Advisor, Global Protector Financial Group, NY (Jun 2002-Jan 2004)
  • Imam, IslamicCenter of Boca Raton,FL (Aug 1998-Jan 2005)
  • Co-Founder, IslamicCenter of Boca Raton,FL (Aug 1998)
  • Qur’an Teacher, Garden of theSahabaAcademy, FL (Aug 2003-Jan 2005)
  • Qur’an Teacher,Pompano Beach Islamic School, FL (Aug 1997-July 2002)
  • Imam, IslamicCenter of Belle Glade,FL (May 1997-Aug 1998)
  • Principal, Darul Uloom Institute, FL (Aug 1989-June 1994)