Dr. Hala Ibrahim Gado 

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Hala Ibrahim Gado holds a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Ain Shams University in Egypt. She has thirty years of experience teaching and researching. In addition to her work with Guidance College, Dr. Gado also teaches at the Islamic University of Minnesota and Defence School of Language (DFSL) in Australia. Previous to that, Dr. Gado taught Arabic at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Hala’s teaching philosophy is based on implementing engaging strategies and techniques through digitization and immersion learning. Dr. Hala notes that throughout the course of history, many cultures and languages have interacted with the Arabic language. Dr Hala believes that by incorporating important topics such as health, the environment, societal issues, and the arts, students are able to interact with the world around them in Arabic.

Dr. Hala Ibrahim Gado


  • Assistant Professor of Arabic Linguistics
    Department of Distance Learning, International Connection Centre, Islamic University of Minnesota
  • Languages Teaching Methodology Course, RMIT Languages Teacher Education Program,
  • PhD in Applied Linguistics, Thesis: Arabisation of Medical Terminology in Modern Lexicography, Ain Shams University, Egypt – Faculty of Arts
  • Master of Applied Linguistics, Thesis: Verbs in the Modern Language of Media Pre-Master of Linguistics (Coursework), Cairo University, Egypt – Faculty of Dar al-Ulum, and *Overseas Qualification Unit Accreditation for Australian Master Degree As per Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.
  • Diploma of Education ( Teaching Arabic as a second Language ), Cairo University, Egypt – Faculty of Graduate Studies of Education
  • Bachelor of Human Sciences, Islamic International University, Malaysia – Faculty of Islamic Revealed Knowledge / Human Sciences, and *Overseas Qualification Unit Accreditation for Australian Bachelor Degree As per Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment. Major in Arabic Language and Literature, Minor in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Islamic Heritage.



  • Arabic Languages Language Partner, DFSL, Defence School Of, Melbourne, Australia
  • Arabic Language Instructor, Box Hill Institute, Melbourne Australia
  • Arabic Language and EAL Teacher at Craigieburn Secondary College, Melbourne, Australia
  • VCE Arabic Instructor at VSL, Melbourne, Australia
  • Arabic Instructor at German Language Center, Melbourne, Australia
  • Arabic Coach, Minaret College, Melbourne, Australia
  • Arabic Consultant, Australian International Academy, Melbourne, Australia
  • Ain Shams University, Cairo Egypt
  • Arabic Instructor at the Centre of Studies in Faculty of Arts , and Faculty of Linguistics (Al-Alsun) Cairo, Egypt.
  • Admin at Monash Health Hospital, Melbourne, Australia