Dr. Mohamad Al Shoukairy

Adjunct Faculty 

Dr. Mohamad Al Shoukairy is an accomplished scholar and educator with a rich academic and professional background. He earned his PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence and a Masters in the same field from Al Jinan University in Tripoli, Lebanon.


Dr. Okan Dogan


  • PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence from Al Jinan University (Tripoli-Lebanon)
  • Masters in Islamic Jurisprudence from Al Jinan University (Tripoli-Lebanon)
  • BA in Sociology from The Lebanese University
  • Diploma in CSML from Harvard University
  • Diploma in Islamic Economics
  • Diploma in Family and Education
  • BS in Biology from American University Of Beirut
  • Certified Trainer in “Life Coaching”
  • Holder of over 300 private and public scholarly certifications and sequential narrations (Isnad) in most of the heritage books in Sunna, Fiqh, and Language


  • Lectured in scientific interpretation of Quran and Sunnah
  • Lectures about transactions in Islam
  • Taught in secondary schools in Kuwait
  • NHS advisor
  • Computer teacher
  • Attended recent seminars and conferences
  • Member of the “International Association Of Scholars of the Ummah”
  • Member of the “Muslim Scholars Organization” – Lebanon
  • Member of the “Muslim Scholars of Ahlu Sunna”
  • Member of the “International Union of Al Hadith Scholars”




  • Standard of Establishing Endowments Balancing traditions and social needs
  • A research on the challenges of Al Ijtihad in the age of Generative AI
  • A Book titled “The Confidentiality of Informatics: A Jurisprudence Study”
  • A Book titled: “Endowment of Intellectual Property: The Restriction and Verdicts – A Comparative Doctrinal Study”
  • The Fulfillment of the Islamic Fundamental Goals through Endowment Regime
  • Story writer of children’s stories
  • Strategies to search using the Google search engine