Guidance College can only accept up to 50% of the credits required to complete a specific degree program, whether through Credit Transfer, Credit by Exam, or Practice Evaluation Program.

Independent Study:

Upon the student’s request and the approval of the Director of the respective department, a degree-student can take any course independently for credit. S/he has to work under the supervision of the instructor of that course, finish all course requirements within one semester, and pass with a minimum of 70%.

Credit by Exam:

Guidance College allows degree students only to apply for an evaluation test for any course. Upon the discretion of the student, he or she can apply for the course(s) he thinks he comprehended already. Whether comprehension is due to self-study or informal study with a scholar. Credits will be granted accordingly upon passing the evaluation test.

Credit Transfer:

Guidance College allows its degree students to apply for Credit Transfer for any relevant course(s) they have taken with any other university. Many Islamic universities in North America offer identical or similar courses to ours, and we would love to acknowledge these universities and make it easy for our students to graduate as soon as possible.

Practice Evaluation Program:

Guidance College allows professionals only among  its degree-students to apply for the Practice Evaluation Program (PEP). Graduate students cannot apply for this program. Students pursuing Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies are eligible to apply. PEP is an opportunity for professionals who have gained experience and knowledge in the real world to prove it and benefit from it by expediting their graduation process, up to 50% of the duration of the program. It integrates the professional’s knowledge and skills to specific courses after he or she has written a short essay supported with data and case studies outside the classroom (internship for instance) illustrating the specific area of knowledge in which he or she wants to apply to the course in discussion.