Yousef Hussin was born and raised in the United States. Sheik Hussin traveled to Egypt where he studied at Al-Azhar University and then continued at the Islamic University of Minnesota, earning a B.A. and M.A. in Islamic Studies. Additional experience includes serving as the Imam of Masjid Annur in Sacramento, California.

Yousef Hussin


  • Bachelor’s in Islamic Studies, Islamic University of Minnesota
  • Usool Ad-Deen (Foundations of Islam), Al-Azhar University, Tanta, Egypt
  • 2 year diploma in Quranic Recitation and Qira’at, Shatibi Institute, Jeddah KSA


  • Full time Imam, Masjid Annur Islamic Center

  • Assistant Imam, Al-Farooq Youth and Family Center, Bloomington, MN

  • Numerious positions teachhing Arabic and Islamic studies at Islamic University of Minnesota and Zidni Islamic Institute