Course Description:

This course focuses on the differentiation between the principles of Fiqh and its maxims, the evolution of the Fiqh maxims, its history, and the authority of these maxims, or whether or not they could be used as an evidence. The five major Fiqh maxims will be analyzed with their evidences and examples on how to deduce rules from them.

Course Code: FIQ461

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: FIQ451

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and verbally distinguish between Fiqh and Fiqh Maxims, and its related vocabulary.
  • Produce short essays on the foundations of Fiqh Maxims as a science, its establishment, development, recording, and main books on the subject.
  • Outline the sources, mission, and position of Fiqh Maxims in issuing Fatwa, and will enable the student to develop abilities in deducing Islamic law.
  • Deliver oral presentations of the five major maxims and present examples on how to implement them in deriving new rules, and how it fulfills the goals and objectives of the Shariah.

Course Outline:

  • The establishment of Fiqh Maxims and their development; foundation, recording, and main books.
  • The sources, mission, and position of Fiqh Maxims in issuing Fatwa.
  • Fiqh Maxims and related vocabulary.
  • Normative Fiqh Maxims.
  • What flows beneath the normative Fiqh Maxims; what is included and what is excluded.