Course Description:

This course goes over legislative hadeeth. Students examine the Prophetic Traditions (Ahadeeth) on the subjects of Purification, Prayers, and Funeral. It explores the status of Ahadeeth in complementing the Quranic verses in matters regarding Islamic legislation, highlighting the distinction between these sources of legislation as they apply to matters such as prayers, their prescribed times, the Adhan (call for prayer), Friday and Eid prayers.  A distinction will also be made between the authentic and fabricated Ahadeeth as they relate to Purification, Prayer, and Funeral.

Course Code: HAD312

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: Completing 9 credit hours of Fiqh classes & HAD302.

Learning Objectives:

  • Verbally explain the difference between legislative and non-legislative Ahadeeth.
  • Analyze and decipher in writing, various legislative ahadeeth, stating whom they are legislated for.
  • Relate in writing, the deduction of Fiqh rules to their two main sources: the Quran & Sunnah.
  • Write short essays on the various opinions of scholars in their treatment of these Ahadeeth.
  • Make short presentations distinguishing between legislative Ahadeeth that are accepted and rejected based on their degree of authenticity.

Course Outline:

  • Book of Purification: water, containers & utensils, cleansing of Najasah or (filthiness), Ablution, wiping over the socks, nullification of ablution, etiquette of relieving oneself, ritual ablution, and dry ablution.
  • Book of Prayer: time of prayer, call to prayer, prerequisites of prayer, partition in front of the one who is praying, calmness during prayer, description of prayer, different forms of prostrations (sujoud), voluntary prayers, congregational prayer, prayer of the traveler and of the sick, Friday’s prayer, praying during times of fear or danger, Eid (festivals) prayer, prayer during solar eclipse and during drought.