Course Description

This course goes over the biography of the prophet. It is broken down in two courses, which will cover the biographical analysis of the life of the last Prophet (PBUH) based on authentic sources covering his life before prophethood, the Meccan stage of preaching, the migration, life in Medina, the Conquest of Mecca, and his death.

Course Code: HIS212

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: HIS 211

Learning Objectives:

  • Write an essay about the conquest of Mecca, the factors leading up to it, the triumphs, challenges, how it changed the course of history and in what ways it was victorious for the Muslims and succeeding generations
  • Present to the class, a video or power point on one of the following choices:
    1. Building Masajid, establishing constitution and brotherhood, unity in the community, noting the major events and miracles of the Prophet (after the Hijra), noting how these events changed the course of history, highlighting the socio-political situation in Madinah, the behavior of the Ansar, and the Prophet’s relationship and behavior toward his family, tribe, companions, enemies and traitors.
    2. The different military activities in Madinah, including challenges and the Treaty of Hudaibiya, its terms, lessons, and how it changed the course of history, noting how the Prophet dealt with matters while at home and while traveling, his way in times of peace and at war, his way of dealing with his Lord, with himself and with all creatures, his way with those who agreed with him, those who opposed him.
    3. The difference in strategies of the Prophet in his dawah in Mecca and in Madinah, the phase of Islamic action in Madinah and how it changed the course of history for Muslims by spreading Islam beyond Arabia
    4. The year of delegations, the farewell pilgrimage, and the prophet’s death, noting historical context and events, lessons, how they changed the course of history, and what we should extract from the lessons today.
  • Verbally explain some of the tactical and strategic dawah strategies used by the Prophet (peace be upon him), and then imitate some of the techniques through “role play” in modern day conflict resolution scenarios (i.e. a conversation with an Atheist, teaching non-Muslim family about Islam and Islamic rituals, winning the hearts of Muslim youth who are battling identity crisis, advising their Muslim brother/sister who are engaged in drinking, drugs, dating, etc, working with others to establish programs within the community)
  • verbally explain with examples, how the Prophet showed tolerance and coexistence towards people of different faiths.

Course Outline: (Life in Madinah)

  • Building a masjid.
  • Establishing constitution and brotherhood.
  • Different military activities.
  • Al-Hudaibiyah Treaty.
  • New phase of Islamic action.
  • Spreading Islam beyond Arabia.
  • Conquest of Mecca.
  • The year of delegations.
  • The farewell pilgrimage.
  • The prophet’s death.