Course Description:

The course trains students on the research methodologies used in Islamic Finance; that are directly relevant to the academic and professional investigations needed for his degree in Islamic Finance. It offers an overview of the different approaches, considerations, and challenges involved in two major selections of research, i.e. quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Guidance College E-Library will be a rich source of information that helps students explore the research methods used (i.e. interviews, surveys, thesis, papers, conference proceedings…etc.)

Students will be able to come up with a reasonable plan or proposal for a good piece of research. This research plan or proposal will exclude any econometric methods or modelling because such topics will only be covered in specific research oriented courses.

Course Code: MAEF610

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: None

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be able to understand the philosophy of research and importance of history
  • Students will be able to appreciate the different methodologies employed in research
  • Students will be able to learn the correct tools of collecting and collating data and information
  • Students will be able to learn the different statistical techniques that can be used to test and measure the variables of research interest
  • Students will be able to appreciate the importance of proper design and techniques to be employed in conducting research

Course Outlines:

  • Introduction to research: What is research? Structure of Research, Research Philosophy, Applied and Basic Research.
  • Scientific Investigation: What is Scientific Investigation, Hallmarks of Scientific Research, the Hypothetic & Deductive Method.
  • The Research (Design) Process I: Broad Problem Area, Preliminary Data Gathering, Problem Definition.
  • Research Process for Applied and Basic Research: Broad Problem Area, Preliminary Data Collection, Literature Survey, Problem Definition, Ethical Issues in the Preliminary Stages of Investigation.
  • Measurement of Variables: Operational Definitions and Scales, How Variables are Measured, Operational Definition (Dimensions and Elements), Scales, Operational Definition on and Scaling.
  • Data Collection Methods.