Course Description

This course covers the six pillars of faith; Belief in Allah according to the (Islamic Monotheism), belief in Angels, Prophets and Messengers, Divine Scriptures, Day of Resurrection, and the Divine Destiny.  Also, what faith invalidates, and the status of people of sins.

Course Code: MAIE650

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: None

Learning Objectives:

  • Use learning resources for researching and completing assignments.

  • Integrate course content with other learning and experiences to promote life-long learning and for achieving academic program outcomes, and graduated student educational outcomes.

  • Apply course content to the Islamic faith development and practice

Course Outline:

1-    Basic of Faith; the six pillars of faith in details.

2-    Signs of the Day of Judgment; the minor and the major ones.

3-    Divine Destiny and how to understand it correctly.

4-    What Creed invalidates: converting from disbelief to belief and vice versa.

5-    Judgment with regard to sinners.