Course Description:

This course is a combination of three components; the first covers the main disciplines of Islamic Jurisprudence; Fiqh Foundations, Fiqh Branches, Fiqh Maxims, and the Objectives of the Islamic Law. The second emphasizes the different Islamic systems, like the Social one, Economic, Military, Ethical, Judicial, political, Family, and the Penal system. The third component focuses on refuting the misconception about the Islamic Law

Course Code: MAIE660

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: None

Learning Objectives:

1-  To help students understanding Islam as a comprehensive way of life.

2-  To differentiate between the different disciplines of Islamic Jurisprudence.

3-  To have an idea about the various Islamic systems.

4-  To develop the students’ ability of refuting the misconceptions about the Islamic Law.

Course Outlines:

1-  Introduction to different Islamic Jurisprudence disciplines: Fiqh Foundation, Fiqh Branches, Fiqh Maxims, & The Objectives of the Islamic Law.

2-  The different Islamic systems: Social System, Economic System, Military System, Ethical System, Judicial System, Political System, Family System, & Penal system.

3-  Refuting Misconception about the Islamic Law: Women, Jihad, Penal Law, Polygamy, & Non-Muslims in the Muslim society.