Course Description

The Master in Islamic Education “The Teacher in the Classroom (Internship) “is designed to provide students with practical employment experience while earning university credit. An internship is an important part of the Guidance College Graduate School of Islamic Education program, because it provides an opportunity for students to apply classroom learning to the work place. Internships not only help students to discover their major field of interest, but also clarify the specific area of teaching in which they would like to be employed as a teacher/instructor after graduation. Internships also offer employers a preview of prospective candidates for employment. Enthusiasm and dedication in your internship not only enhances your academic program, but also could affect your job search after graduation.

Students completing a teaching internship may earn academic credit by enrolling in MAIE720. Following successful completion of the course, this credit will appear on the student’s transcript in the fall semester following the internship experience.

Course Code: MAIE720

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: None

Arranging an Internship

Responsibility for arranging an internship ultimately rests with the student. There are generally three means of arranging an internship assignment: (1) through the Guidance College, (2) through the online career center database and (3) development of your own internship.

Students may learn about internship through the Guidance College Career Center database.

Many students develop their own internships by making personal contacts with employers.

Academic Credit

An internship receiving three hours of academic credit is comprised of a minimum of 400 hours work agreement which equals 10-weeks at 40 hours. Internships with lower hour commitments receive a pro rate share of academic credit (e.g., 320 hours of work would translate to two hours of academic credit). Students wishing to receive credit or taking an internship must enroll in MAIE720, Teacher in the classroom Internship, during the summer semester.

Students cannot complete an internship at the same school twice or in a similar school. Internships are required to give students new educational experiences that will benefit them after graduation.

If taking MAIE720, the student must give an oral presentation on their internship experience following the completion of the internship. Details concerning the presentation are provided as follows;

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations by students completing internships MAIE720, online class setup with other students to address topics covered in a particular internship. Students enrolled in MAIE720 will

be given their oral presentation assignment requirements during the initial meeting of the class. The primary purpose of the presentations is to provide intern teachers exposure to a variety of employment opportunities and to stimulate interest in the internship program. All students receiving credit for the internship are expected to present an oral presentation.

Presentations are expected to be made in a professional manner, consistent with the standards layout in which the student interned. Presentations are to be 10 to 15 minutes in length with additional time allowed for questions. Students should dress professionally for the presentation. It is expected that students will augment their presentation with the appropriate use of visual aides.

The oral presentation can follow the general structure of the internship report. Allocate at least half of the presentation to discussing your special project/ or classes the student was teaching in the duration of the internship. Try to make the presentation interesting; avoid simply listing the activities you were involved with during the internship.

School / Organization Responsibility

The primary responsibility of the school/agency is to ensure that the intern has a worthwhile educational experience. This responsibility represents an additional time and effort commitment that may not be present in a normal employment situation. If the school/organization and intern’s immediate supervisor are willing to make this commitment, the internship has an excellent chance for success.

The intern’s immediate supervisor will be requested to assist in the preparation of the learning objective agreement and complete an evaluation form of the intern’s performance at the conclusion of the internship. The faculty member will make on-site visit during the internship.


Zero to three hours depending upon the length and type of internship. This is a credit/no credit course.

Class Meeting and Attendance:

The class will meet only twice in a summer semester. The first class will be introduction and the second/last class students will present their oral report presentation. The faculty member will check on the student periodically to ensure the progress in their selected area of internship location to ensure the quality and productivity for the each student during their internship phase.

Course Content:

Guidelines and policies for the MAIE720 will be discussed by the faculty member in the first class to clear any challenges or difficulties students might have to accomplish all the tasks to earn their full credit. This class provides a forum from students to complete their final internship requirement—an oral presentation of their internship experience; this will help all the students to learn more about the other areas and schools for the future employment opportunities.


  1. Presentations are expected to be made in a professional manner.
  2. Presentations are to be 10-15 minutes in length and followed by a question and answer period.
  3. Try to make the presentation interesting! Avoid simply listing the activities you conducted during your internship. Focus on some experiences and issues you think other students might find interesting.
  4. Some form of visual aid should be used in the presentation, preferably Power Point.
  5. Dress appropriately for your presentation.

Vision Statement:

Guidance College shall be one of the top well-recognized universities in the United States that offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in specialized Islamic fields aiming at preparing moral and well-knowledgeable leaders who provide research-based Islamic alternatives that enable the Muslims to contribute to the success of their country.

Mission Statement:

Guidance College is the place where students gain their undergraduate degrees in authentic and professional specialized Islamic knowledge that recognizes modern-time realities and allows them to examine different branches of knowledge from an authentic Islamic perspective which enables them to think ethically, logically, analytically, and critically while making responsible and moral decisions aiming at improving the quality of life for all inhabitants of the earth with a full understanding and appreciation of the cultural and human differences.