Course Description

This field-based teacher practicum provides the opportunity to develop a hands-on understanding of key skills and concepts essential to effective K-12 education in an Islamic context. Classroom exposure empowers teachers to learn techniques and tools needed for effectively educating young students from Pre K – the last year of secondary school. After completing the field experience, the student writes an integrative professional paper using the practicum experience and classroom content taught to them. This course builds on the previous courses and the initial student teaching intern course. Students will test their knowledge of classroom management skills and understanding of teaching models

Course Code: MAIE755

Credit hours: 3

Pre-Requisites: MAIE710, MAIE720, MAIE730, MAIE750

Students will be required to journal daily, submit a research paper at the end of the semester and submit daily lesson plans.

Learning Objectives:

The purpose of student teaching is to enable MAIE students documents experience child and teen development theory and methodologies in a real-time learning environment with children. Students will manage a classroom independently, plan, organize, implement, and evaluate classroom activities. A total of 200 teaching hours is required for successfully completing this course of MAIE program.

Course Outline:

  • Apply course content to the Islamic faith development and practice
  • Develop a weekly learning experience plan with prepared teaching aids  
  • Establish and maintain learning environments that promote children’s personal and corporate physical, social, emotional, aesthetic, and cognitive development and learning 
  • Apply child development theory to learning environments for family and community.  
  • Assess and explain the MA Ed student’s philosophy of childhood and teen education 
  • Integrate course content with other learning experiences to promote life-long learning and for achieving academic program outcomes, and graduated student educational outcomes.