Course Description:

This course focuses on Quran recitation and memorization. This advanced course covers what has been taken in QUR111 & QUR112. Students must prove comprehending the key rules in Quran recitation including the vocal points of articulation for each Arabic letter and phonics, rules associated with non-vowled Meem and Noon, rules of prolongation of the long vowel letters. Students have to finish memorizing the last Juz (Juz Amma) of the Quran by the end of this course.

Course Code: QUR313

Credit hours: 2

Pre-Requisites: QUR112 or equivalent

Learning Objectives:

  • Comprehend and master the application of the Tajweed rules learned in QUR112 during their class reading and recitation
  • Learn and apply in their recitation, different characteristics of letters and their rulings
    a. Non-voweled Meem and Noon
    b. Rules of prolongation of the long vowel letters
  • Successfully memorize the remaining of the 30th Juza’ Students will be able to read and memorize the remaining Surat from the 30th Juza’ from Surat an-Naba عمّ to Surat al-Inshiqaq الإنشقاق
  • Arabic speaking students will successfully read and memorize Juza’ Qad Samia قد سمع in full
  • All students will properly recite the Quran in a way that retains the correct meaning and the general rules of phonics.

Course Outlines:

  1. Revising the rules covered in QUR111 & QUR112
  2. Reading and memorizing the remaining of the 30 th Juza’ : جزء عمّ , from الإنشقاق to عمّ

Note : Arabic speakers are required to memorize Juza’ ، Kad Samia’ قد سمع in full.