State Authorization Reciprocity Page


Guidance College stands out in the higher education sector with its State Authorization Program Availability, offering “Certificate Only,” “Credits Only,” and combined programs across various U.S. states. Tailoring its approach to regional educational standards, the college exemplifies adaptability and educational intelligence.

The college’s strategic program availability, like combined offerings in Alabama and “Credits Only” in Alaska, highlights its commitment to evolving educational trends and quality education. This adaptability ensures alignment with state-specific educational needs and student aspirations.

With a focus on innovation and compliance, Guidance College continues to be a model of educational excellence, constantly adapting to the dynamic landscape of higher education and student needs.

State Certificate Only Credits Only Both
Alabama Yes No Yes
Alaska No Yes Yes
Arizona Yes No No
Arkansas No No Yes
California Yes Yes No
Colorado No Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes No Yes
Delaware No Yes No
Florida Yes Yes Yes