Sh. Abdullah H. Oduro

Founder small Experience Summary

Sh. Abdullah Oduro is Islamic University at Madinah, Saudi Arabia, graduate. He has established KnewU –  a non-profit organization for new Muslims which educates the new and non-Muslims intensively in Islamic studies. He also has experience in the medical field as an adjunct instructor for surgical technology & procedures. His area of interest and competencies are Problem-Solving, Mentorship, and Research. Other area of his expertise is as English language instructor and coach.



  • Bachelors of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence from Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia
  • Arabic Language Degree (B.A. equivalence program) from Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia
  • Certificate in Surgical Technology from Houston Community College, Houston Texas, USA



  • Founder of KnewU – a non-porfit organization.
  • Adjunct Instructor/Cardiovascular Technology Program.
  • English language Instructor.


Career Milestones

As an outgoing religious teacher and a community leader, he has been invited to various religious programs where he delivered speeches on topics related to Islam to new Muslims and non-Muslims in the US.

Fluent in English, Arabic, and Spanish. He sets high goals and works hard to achieve them.