Sycamore Help

Learn how to navigate the Sycamore learning management system

Navigating Through Sycamore

How To Access A Course

1. Login to Sycamore using student ID and password

2. On your left-hand side, go to: 

      1. My Campus > 

      2. Courses > 

      3. Select course > 

3. A New window “course home” will open

4. Select the Course you are seeking

How To Access A Homework Assignment (From Course Home)

Two different types of assignments 

  • Online Test (most common)
  • Instructional > Online Test > Take test 
  • Regular Assignment (to be submitted via Dropbox)

From the course home look to your right-hand side to the ‘Assignments’ section

Assignment will include instructions, deadline, how to submit etc. 

How To Upload A Research Paper (From Campus Home)

My Campus > 

Dropbox > 

Select course > 

Upload research paper > Select correct folder > Upload file

How To Access The Syllabus (From Course Home)

Course > 

Documents > 

Click folder titled “Syllabus & Schedule”

How To Enter The Classroom (From Course Home)

Look for news article titled “Enter Online Classroom” 

Click the word “here” (hyperlinked to Adobe classroom)

Need more help with Sycamore?

Contact Guidance College’s Sycamore expert, Sr. Safa at