A Word from Guidance College Board of Trustees

Since our vision is to be one of the top well-recognized colleges & universities in the United States that offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in specialized Islamic fields, we want to create a Higher Education Islamic Institute stems from a reality fact that Islamic Education must be purposely customized for the locally and not fully imported. Each community has its own set of challenges, and Islamic Sharia is flexible enough to accommodate the differences within its main disciplines.

There is a significant focus in our programs on the needs of Muslims particularities in the US. In other words, our programs are not identical with the same program offered overseas by prominent Islamic universities; rather it has its own identity and advantages.

For example, our undergraduate students have to study “American Government” to understand the political system and how decisions and policies are made. They study “Parenting in the West” to acknowledge the challenges our youth are facing, the challenges their parents are facing while upbringing them, and how to deal with all these circumstances.

They study “Islam in America” to appreciate the concept of co-existence between different religions in the American society, as well as what Muslims have contributed to build the American civilization. “Marriage Counseling” is another distinguished advantage of our programs, because there is a dire need for such a service, by qualified people who have solid Sharia background, in addition to the academic qualification in counseling and mediation.

The Associate Degree in Islamic Studies can be completed in 2 years, its intended to quickly prepare the students for a professional career or to compliment their existing degrees in other professions. This Associate degree has been developed to accommodate the fast growing need for professional Muslims in various disciplines within the US governmental agencies and within the local Muslim Communities all over the US.  The Associate degree opens up doors to those that are interested to upgrade their professional degree to a 4 year Bachelor Degree in Islamic Studies if the student wishes to do so.

Our 4 year Bachelor Degree Program is designed to fill the desperate need for academically qualified professionals, the BA holders from Guidance College can work as Imams, Arabic and Islamic Studies teachers. They can work in corporate America where college degree is required. They can pursue graduate studies with Guidance College itself or with any other regional or abroad university.

Lectures’ Schedule and Broadcasting methods

 Guidance College is an evening and weekend college. All classes are offered in the evening after 5 pm, or otherwise, in the weekend.
Our program is hybrid; online Live classes every week, and once a month On-Campus class for the local students only. 
Benefit of On-Campus Study includes:
  • Personalized attention.
  • Personal contact with faculty members.
  • Live Classroom discussions.

Admission Requirements

  • Must possess High school diploma.  
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English.
  • Evaluation of Admission Executive Committee.

Intakes are throughout the whole year

 Duration of the Study

  • Full time = 4 years
  • Part time = depends of a student availability and dedication

Cost of the Program

  • $75 per credit hour