Writing Rubric

Learn more about Guidance College's new writing rubric to ensure you write successful assignments

Explanation by Dr. Joel Wilson

Who is Dr. Wilson?

Dr. Joel Wilson is in charge of Guidance College’s Department of Institutional Effectiveness. With over forty years’ experience in academic administration, Dr. Wilson is helping guide Guidance College through all the phases of the accreditation process.

Below, Dr. Wilson explains the importance of Guidance College’s new writing rubric. 

What is Guidance College’s New Writing Rubric? 

Guidance College’s writing rubric is a teaching tool for faculty in grading writing assignments. In addition, it is also a guide for students to improve research paper writing skills. 

Progressing and graduating from undergraduate degrees to master’s and doctoral degrees requires continual writing improvement. 

The writing rubric is also designed as a scoring tool that explicitly represents the performance expectations expected in research paper assignments.  

The rubric divides the assigned work into component parts and provides clear descriptions for the characteristics of the work associated with each component at varying percentage levels of mastery.  

The writing rubric focuses on two main areas:

First, the content, organization, style, and grammar of the written work. 

Second, the presentation of the research paper. This is facilitated by using APA format, references,  

 Finally, the quality of the referenced sources. 

 Guidance College requires that research papers be written using APA style.  

 To assist in understanding the APA format, Professor Dalia El Metwally has prepared a You Tube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRswsb18Cuo&t=163s 

Download a copy of the rubric to keep on hand