All About Zakah for Muslims in the United States

وويل للمشركين، الذين لا يؤتون الزكاة

“Woe to the polytheists, those who do not pay Zakah.”

وأقيموا الصلاة واتوا الزكاة وأقرضوا الله قرضاً حسناً

“And establish prayers, and pay Zakah, and advance to Allah a goodly loan.”

This lecture is a consideration for:

  • Practicing Muslims who want to apply the Third Pillar of Islam.
  • Merchants who trade in goods and merchandise.
  • People who have pension and retirement accounts.
  • Imams receiving many questions about Zakah.
  • Professionals who receive professional fees.
  • Employees receiving monthly salaries.
  • Charitable organizations dealing with Zakah issues.

The important teachings in this lecture:

  • Substituting Zakah with taxes
  • Wealth that Zakah applies to
  • Wealth exempt from Zakah
  • Conditions for paying Zakah
  • Minimum Threshold (Nisab) vs. the poverty line
  • Zakah of Salaries & Professional Fees
  • Zakah of Jewelry and Ornaments
  • Zakah of Retirement Funds: 401 (K), annuity, IRA, etc.
  • Zakah of Stocks, Shares, and Bonds
  • Deductibility of Mortgage & Car Loan Payments

Seminar Materials:

In this seminar you will receive a handout summary of the lessons.

Time Frame:

This lecture will last up to 4 hours:

  • 3 sessions, each of them lasting for 1 hour.
  • 2-10 minute Q&A sessions in each hour.
  • 3-20 minute breaks, one after each hour.