Dr. Hamed Ghazali

Dr. Hamed Ghazali is the Director of the Houston Quran Academy. He has a Ph.D. in Education from Kansas State University and has completed the memorization and interpretation of the entire Holy Quran. This included a careful study of the Ibn Katheer, In the Shades of the Quran, all volumes of Tafseer by Ibn Taymiah, and the major writings of Tafseer by Ibn Qayyim Aljawzia. In addition, Dr. Hamed has written numerous publications and papers regarding Islam and teaching methods.

Dr. Basil Alqudwa

Basil AlQudwa strengths are manifested in his dynamic organizational style that specializes in equity analysis, portfolio management, economics/ corporate strategy and leadership.  In the last decade, Dr. AlQudwa devoted much of his time to research and studies.  He has written numerous papers on the subject of Islamic Economics Philosophy and its application.  In 2014, he began lecturing at Guidance College for graduate studies in Islamic Finance. More than 50 lectures have been given on the topics of Islamic Economics and the Islamic Financial Model.  He is currently working on general Islamic Economics Theory, dealing with matters of infrastructure development, environmental factors, wealth, distribution, poverty, wages, taxes, real value and government role. 

Dr. Muhammad N. Haq

Dr. Haq received his doctoral degree in Comparative Religion from the University of Punjab, in Pakistan. Prior to teaching at the high school to graduate level in the United States, Dr. Haq was a faculty lecturer at his alma mater, the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan where he earned his Master’s degree in Islamic Theology and World Religions.

When Dr. Haq is not teaching he is the Imam for the Anniston Islamic Center and a regular contributor to the Anniston Star. Dr. Haq’s fields of interest are Comparative Religion, Tafseer, Hadith, and Seerah.

Dr. Yosof Wanly

Dr. Yosof Wanly aspires to promote the goodness and purity of the Islamic teachings and its sciences through education and application. He believes Islam is not a religion particular to a society or one single culture, but a methodology that promotes balance and incorporation of its surroundings and circumstances.

Dr. Khalid Kebbati

Dr. Khalid Kebbati is originally from Algeria.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry from the Algerian Institute of Petroleum; a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics and a Ph.D. in Educational  Technology from Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.  He has several years of university teaching experience at the undergraduate level and across a variety of subjects including French, Educational Technology, Foundation of Education, Integration of Technology in the Curriculum, Computer Technology in Education, Instructional Media and Technology, and Microcomputers in Instruction.

Dr. Bachir Djehiche

Dr. Bachir Djehiche is a well-known Islamic scholar. He has around fifteen years of experience in teaching Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Law. His area of interest is Fiqh & Usul al-fiqh. He has been lecturing National and International seminars on Islamic themes and topics. He is an author of a book “Fee al-Ijtihad attanzeeli (In applied Ijtihad)”.

Dr. Muthanna Alkhaldi

Dr. Muthanna has more than twenty years of experience in teaching the Arabic language where he developed his own curriculum.  He developed a classical Arabic language curriculum for native speakers and instructed students in advanced syntax and morphology.  Dr. Muthanna instructed classical Arabic courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

Dr. Salaheddin Momani

Dr. Salaheddin Momani holds a PhD in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University.  He also holds a Masters of Public Administration, Public Management from Eastern Michigan University.  His Bachelor’s is in Islamic Jurisprudence and Political Science from Jordan University.

Dr. Farrukh Shahzad

Dr. Farrukh Shahzad received the BE (Electrical Eng.) from the NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan in 1992 and the MSEE from King Fahd University of Petroleum &Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 1996. He recently completed his Ph.D. from KFUPM in 2016.

Dr. Irhabi Mohamed

Dr. Irhabi Mohamed is a friendly personality and a skilled Quran reciter with a strong academic background in Islamic Studies. He has 2 Ph.Ds! One in Islamic Philosophy from Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana, USA (2012) and one in Hadith and Sunnah from Omdurman University, Sudan (2012)

Dr. Noor Mobeen

Dr. Noor Mobeen holds a Ph.D and a M.Ed.L in Leadership, Education and Education from Texas A&M.  He also holds a B.S in Leadership Development Construction Science from Texas A&M.  He also holds a M.Ed.L in Leadership, Education and Communication from Texas A&M.  Dr. Noor received a Certificate of Excellence “International Leadership Development & Management” from the Norman Borlaug Institute of International Development, Texas A&M.