Contemporary Medical Issues

وإذا مرضــت فهو يـــشفيــــــــن) الشعراء 80)

(And when I am ill, it is He who cures me)

This seminar is a consideration for:

  • Medical doctors, Muslims & non-Muslims
  • Human rights activists
  • Attorneys who have Muslim clients
  • Marriage counselors dealing with Muslim families
  • Imams and students of knowledge

The important teachings in this seminar:

  • Human Cloning
  • Artificial Insemination and Test-tube Babies
  • Transplanting and Selling Organs
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Definition of Death and Life Support
  • Restrictions on AIDS Patients
  • Genetic Diagnosis
  • Alcoholic Medicines
  • Sex Change Operations
  • Dissection of Dead Bodies
  • Birth Control and Planning
  • Abortion
  • Plastic Surgery

Seminar Materials:

In this seminar you will receive a handout summary of the lessons.

Time Frame:

This lecture will last up to 5 hours.

  • 4 sessions, each of them lasting for 1 hour
  • 15 minutes Q&A after each session